Poetic Moments

—Award Winning—

Poetic Moments

A collection of Bellingham, WA. poets reading their poems

Original poems, original voice

Visit Boosie’s Soundcloud to hear a few

from each of the contributing artists.

Bellingham, Washington is rich with writers, poets and authors.  The Poetic Moments project is designed to share the art of local word wranglers.  Produced for air on KMRE 102.3, SPARK Radio.  When the project was conceived, a call to poets went out, over 40 poets responded!

44 poets x  5 poems each 1-2 minutes long= plenty of moments for everyone!

Poets received a copy of the professionally recorded poem, to use as they wish, as a thank you for donating their time.  This project continues to grow and receive praise.

The producer of this feature, Shannon Laws, received The Mayors Arts Award, 2013, in the “Poet” category thanks to the community efforts.

Find a poem you like?  Share it and help spread the love.

 Thank you for listening



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