Bellingham, Washington

Many listeners to New Americana are from out-of-state or country.  Let me introduce you to the Northwest’s jewel city of Bellingham.

Video: Voyage Vixens in Bellingham

Bellingham, a.k.a the “City of Subdued Excitement”, is a medium-sized city of about 90 thousand people.  A college town, home to the Western Washington University “Vikings”.  This is a pretty city with a snow-covered volcano, Mount Baker, to the east, Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands to the west, Seattle the “Emerald City” to the south, and crowned by Vancouver, B.C. and the Canadian Rockies to the north.

Video: Bellingham, a Local Living Economy

They say there are more artists, musicians and writers here, per ca pita, than Seattle.  This could be true.  All those good vibes around us, plus the thermal Cascadian heat flowing beneath could be creating a “crock pot environment” that promotes creative thinking, entrepreneurs and the strong sense of community found here.  Or, perhaps it is our own intermingling that causes all the warm fuzzies to generate outward to the whole world? Not sure.

Video: This is Bellingham- a photogenic journey

Come by for a visit and see for yourself!

bham sign

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