The Best Of 2013-2015: Show 311


Jonathan Winter and Boosie Vox at KMRE SPARK Radio, Bellingham WA

Jon Winter and Boosie Vox put on their thinking caps and think about the best moments on The New Americana Hour.  “Every show is a gem.” says Boosie, “Even though it’s called the “best of” it’s really more like typical moments on each program.”

Special moments include K.C. Sulkin, Dave Kessel, Hot Damn Scandal, and John Mortensen sharing how family influenced their music careers. The top three songs of influence, or more like, the top three moments of our guest band fan-girling over their favorite band.  The three most interesting stories shared on the program, and more.  The Best Of show stands on it’s own, but if you are a fan of this program this is a must listen!

Also stories from: Jeffrey Slough, Jaime Reynolds, Baltic Cousins, Tom Ensign, Toni Knight, Robert Sarazin Blake, Polecat, and Rabbit Wilde.


Boosie Vox

Why a “Best of” after three years? Boosie is leaving KMRE and moving on to produce her own podcast and work as a freelance writer.  Boosie shares, “It’s time for me to move on, but I’ve had a ring-side seat to so many wonderful moments over the years. Thank you all for warm memories I will treasure a lifetime!”


Jonathan Winter

“I want to thank all the guest who have appeared on our show over the last three years.  Thank you for sharing your story with us. It really has been an honor.” -Jon Winter

Recorded July 2015


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