Arthur James: Show 310

AJ guitar

Arthur James

Arthur James joins us in the studio this weekend sharing some fresh sounds from Seattle. Arthur’s strong voice and touching lyrics will move you.  This is the place to hear the FULL one hour interview.  You’ll be glad you did.

Born in Riverside, California, the oldest child in a military family, Arthur James has been traveling all his life. His songs are landmarks of his journey that paint vivid landscapes of the many thousands of miles he’s seen in a struggle to find the meaning of ‘home’.

His lyricism lends to his patience and attention to the substance of every song, with nods to his influences, Gregory Alan Isakov, David Bazan, Justin Vernon, Matt Skiba and John K. Samson. His writing has been described as “complex and intelligently constructed.”

When he’s not on the road or writing, he’s reading about quantum physics, black holes and other curious subjects. “I’m into autodidactism; I’ve always loved science and math and physics, so I find books or documentaries on that stuff and feed my head. It’s fascinating and I feel that it gives you the ultimate perspective. We’re just so bloody small.”

His new EP, The 4th Floor, was recorded in his home in West Seattle using very little instrumentation. “I’ve grown to really appreciate the sound of a room when music is being played in it.”

To learn more about Art:

recorded June 2015

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