The Reverie Machine: Show 308


The Reverie Machine

Husband and wife, Meghan Yates and Mordechai Rosenblatt join Jon and Boosie in the KMRE studios.  Recent transplants from Maine and New Jersey, share the top five songs that have touched their musical timeline, and so much more.  (Stay tuned to the end for a special performance.)

Perhaps you remember this band from the Subdued Stringband Jamboree in 2013?  You’ll be able to catch them at this years Jamboree.

Meghan’s solo career started in 2002, in Portland, ME — walking past a local club on Congress street, apparently humming loud enough for the club owner to run out, grab her by the arm and ask her to sing right there on the spot for his guests. Stunned and unprepared, she sang an a’capella tune she had finished writing earlier that day. The club owner asked if she would be willing to play a real set sometime, so she returned about a month later and sang all of the a’capella tunes she could fit into thirty minutes.

Meghan recorded a few solo albums before she met her husband and bassist, Mordechai Rosenblatt, and started The Reverie Machine in 2009. Recently, Meghan and Mordechai relocated to the Pacific Northwest (for the milder winters and the mystic landscape) and are presently working with David Pender Lofgren on drums and percussion and Thomas Deakin on Clarinet and vocals. Whether solo, as a duo, or when other players join, the music created often uplifts, penetrates and inspires the listener.

To learn more about this band:


Recorded April 2015




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