Dana Lyons: Show 307

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Dana Lyons

Dana Lyons shares great stories of life on the road as an environmental activist, singer-songwriter.  He shares songs by his friends, people who “walk the walk” for human rights and the environment on a global scale.  Truly a special guest to have on The New Americana Hour.

Hear about his Salish Sea tour, the fight against coal trains, his work with Jane Goodall, Seattle’s WTO protests and the history of his world famous “Cows With Guns” song.  Dana opens his heart, and shares his story.

This Bellingham based singer-songwriter has been entertaining and enlightening audiences around the world for nearly 30 years. Music and storytelling connect people and events in powerful ways, and Dana’s performances do so brilliantly. Whether his audience is a dozen children at a house party, hundreds of activists and dignitaries at the Elwha Dam removal ceremony, or thousands of music lovers attending Folklife, every performance is a celebration of life on earth, fueled by his infectious music, sharp wit, keen observation and warm heart.

To learn more about Dana, visit his web site:

recorded April 2015


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