The Sky Colony: Show 306


The Sky Colony

Here is a band with a powerful sound! Knockin’ socks off around the Northwest, The Sky Colony brings “IT” for your listening pleasure. Kyle Findley-Meier, and Kyle Findley-Meier channeling Ben Meyer (who couldn’t be with us due to a broken arm) share their songs of influence. Find out what song reminds Kyle of a time he was surrounded by thousands of snow geese, and learn what group turned Ben over to the “Folkside”.

This is the ONLY place to catch the full ONE hour and 11 minute program!

In their musical endeavors, the members of The Sky Colony have created a sound which is not compared to that of many artists. While dancing around traditional folk and classic sounding song structure, they often blend many sounds from each member’s varied influences to make something that is unique and almost stands alone. An age old story of folk music, a blade of bluegrass, a twang of roots country, and even a far off scream of a metal guitar turned clean, this band has illuminated all these aspects with an emphasis on intricacy and harmony.

The Sky Colony:  Ben Meyer (electric guitar and vocals) , Kyle Findley-Meier (acoustic guitar and vocals), Featuring Molly Hazel (banjo and vocals)

To learn more about this band:

recorded March 2015

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