Hillary Susz: Show 302


Hillary Susz

What a treat to have Hillary Susz in the studio!  Hillary brings in five songs that have touched her heart and mind, songs from The Antlers, Neko Case, Heartless Bastards and more.  Started at 15, now 23, a wise soul weeps through her lyrics, and a whole other world behind those eyes. This is a lady to keep your eye on!

Hillary Susz is a poetically driven singer song writer that holds a degree in creative writing from Western Washington University. She has a unique voice that is as real as rent, as serious as broken bones and as ominous as both.

Her discography includes: Solo: Hot Heart 2012, Junk Yard 2011, The Stare Well Sessions 2010, Love is Perfect 2009. With producer Tommy Trzcynski: What Mouths are Made For 2013.

Connect with her at (http://hillarysusz.com/)

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hillary-Susz/207304367970),

Twitter @hillarysusz

Instagram (hillsusz)


recorded February 2015

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