Sarah Goodin: Show 300


Sarah Goodin

The third season of The New Americana Hour starts off with a ba-boom!  The very talented, Bellingham’s own Sarah Goodin is in the studio with Jon and Boosie.

Sarah shares the top songs that worked their magic in her personal timeline.  Learn what song she danced to on top her families kitchen table, and hear about her first encounter with Chopin.

Sarah is currently composing the soundtrack for “The Good Time Girls” documentary. Owners of Bellingham’s only walking history tour, Sara Holodnick and Marissa McGrath are “sleuthing around abandoned buildings or investigating old-timey prostitution, corruption and murder” Sarah’s music hits the heart and mind, fitting the vision of the documentary like a button up glove.

To learn more about Sarah, please visit her web site:

Recorded January 2015

2 thoughts on “Sarah Goodin: Show 300

  1. I’ve been listening to Sarah Goodin for several years now up here in Bellingham, WA. She should’ve been on the “National Scene” the whole time, and then some! Her voice is as beautiful as she is. She is a powerful singer. Highly skilled at getting me to close my eyes, and dreaming about what it’s truly like to be “gifted”… May she continue going forward as the beautiful, great singer, that she is….
    ~ Jayanta Lomasney

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