Chris Poage from Mts. & Tunnels: Show


Chris Poage

Chris Poage, lead singer, song writer and lead guitar for this beloved NW band joins Jon and Boosie in the studio with seven songs of influence. Listen as Chris describes the creative process for an eight member band, his early exposure to music working a summer job at a fruit stand, and hear a song from their album, entitled “For a Day or a Lifetime”, due out Fall 2014.

Mts. & Tunnels, is a folk/surf/rock band led by singer-songwriter Chris Poage from Thrashers Corner, Wa. The band is currently in the studio, recording their best music to date. The album, entitled “For a day or a lifetime” is due out Fall 2014. The new recordings are packed with emotions that stem from Poage’s busy life as an artist, entrepreneur and family man.

Mts. & Tunnels is:
Chris Poage (vocal, guitar, sax), Sarah Schmidt (vocals, acoustic guitar), Norman Baker (bass), Kent Halvorsen (drums), Sandy Dickerson (uke, guitar) Katie Clayton (Trumpet) and Liana Green (Trombone) Dan Schmidt (keyboards)

Many ways to follow and learn more about this band and purchase songs:

Mts. & Tunnels Band Web Site

Mts. & Tunnels FACEBOOK

Mts. & Tunnels TWITTER

Mts. & Tunnels INSTAGRAM

Recorded June 2014




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