Matney Cook: Show 206

mudflat walkers tent


Matney Cook from the Mudflat Walkers


Mudflat Walkers are Matney Cook, Kevin Olney, Jeff Lacy, and Thomas William.

Join Matney, Jon and Boosie in the SPARK Studios for an old fashion, toe tapping music sit-in as they discuss the five songs that have touched Matney’s  life and music. She also shares what it’s like to discover her voice in the industry, and talks about her latest “loop” tour down the coast to South California, left to New Orleans, then North to South Dakota.  This woman is not afraid of the road! (or anything else we can think of) Catch the new single “Be As You Are” from the bands album “Feels Like Home”.

From country roots, their sounds reflect the barriers of the Cascades and shimmer off of the waters of the Puget Sound, all wrapped up with a Nashville-style twist. Their EP, “Feels Like Home”, was released in 2013, and the group of talented artists are in the midst of recording their first full-length album, expected to be released in 2014.

To learn more about Matney and the Mudflat Walkers please visit:

Recorded March 2014



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