K. C. Sulkin: Show 125


K. C. Sulkin

Boston native and former owner of two Jazz clubs in London, now retired and living in Bellingham, K.C. uses his connections to bring Jazz concerts to Sudden Valley to help raise money for the new library.

A jewel of a show!  Find out what song K.C. performed for his parents party guest, on stage for the Boy Scouts and the band he booked for his high school prom.

To learn more about K.C.’s Jazz concerts visit:

Recorded May 2013

4 thoughts on “K. C. Sulkin: Show 125

    1. Yes indeed. I went into jazz in a big way, programming the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London for 3 years and being part owner of a jazz club in Covent Garden called the Canteen in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Altho retired, I program a jazz series in support of the local library in Bellingham, Washington and am just off to emcee our salute to Dave Brubeck featuring his son, Dan Brubeck and some great Vancouver, B.C. artists. If I remember correctly, your father owned Moseley’s. I went there a few times and give my concerts in a Dance Barn out here. How I would have loved to talk to your father to hear his story. Do you know any of it?

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